Broad Haven and Sunsets

Today has been my first day back at work following a week away in an amazing part of the country.

For the past 7 years we have visited Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire. It’s a beautiful small town, with an amazing beach, a couple of nice pubs/restaurants and it’s right on the Pembrokeshire Coastal path which has some amazing scenery.

It was just Jo, me and crazy dog this year. The twins having turned 16 decided they didn’t want to come. The bribery and guilt trips no longer work. I guess that’s the end of family holidays for now, unless we find the money to fund two weeks abroad!

After missing out on holidays last year due to recovery from my op, I was looking forward to the break more than ever. Although not having the twins there was strange to begin with, we soon got used to it! We found plenty to talk about and also appreciated the quiet times when we didn’t need to say anything.

The thing I look forward to the most about this break is probably the evening time when, weather permitting we get to witness some amazing sunsets like this…


and this…


There’s something about sunsets which I find so calming and peaceful. Even more so when this amazing visual treat is accompanied by the gorgeous soundtrack of the waves crashing against the rocks. It’s a sight and sound that I will visualise and play back during the long dark nights of winter.

When I worry about the state of the world (which happens quite a lot at the moment) or when people say “the world is changing” I’ll think of a sunset. It’s constant, it’s predictable, you can pinpoint the exact time when it will happen, it’s reassuring, it’s stunning. How can the world be such a bad place when we get treated to sights like this every evening?

It’s also a chance to put away all the crap that might have happened that day, all the niggles, frustraions and worries. Any arguments and disagreements that you might have had with loved ones, let them disappear as the sun disappears. When it re-emerges the next morning we get another opportunity to make the most of whatever comes along. Sun rises are also beautiful but I find that witnessing these takes a bit more effort, more of a winter thing for me!

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens the day can end beautifully”

Kristen Butler

September is a great time for some amazing sunsets, go and see some, take some pictures, make some memories.

I’ll remember Broad Haven for a long time. We have no plans to go back next year. Seeing as the kids no longer want to go on holiday with us, Jo and I have booked a week in Morocco next year! I imagine the sunsets will also be stunning!

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