How is it Bonfire Night already?!

man with fireworks
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

Happy 5th November!

Is it just me or does this time of year go scarily fast? I get to the end of September and start getting constant reminders that Christmas is approaching and before you know it it’s a New Year! Every week seems to fly by and just merge into one. We set ourselves tasks and lists that we just have to get through before the end of the year.

So last week i took 2 days off and took the opportunity to have a breather to relax and to recharge. I spent some time at home watching some tv and movies that i have been meaning to watch for ages, I caught up with some reading and took the chance to go for some walks in the amazing Autumn sunshine and take in the colours that we are treated to at this time of year. It was amazing and made me appreciate what amazing scenery I have right on my doorstep.

There are some spaces and some views that have such a calming effect. There can be two people sat on a bench both taking in the scenery, one can be loaded and the other homeless but for that moment they are both equal. They both have the things that money can’t buy, tranquility, stillness, the beauty of natural surroundings, the chorus of birdsong, the sound of the leaves rustling, or the waves crashing. None of these things need to be bought, they’re out there for all for us and for free!

Next time you need to take a break and you feel that things are getting on top of you. Go and find your space, your view, your scenery. It doesn’t have to be far away and you don’t have to go for long to appreciate it but it’ll be worth it. I will wager you any money that you will still get through your list by Christmas!

10 thoughts on “How is it Bonfire Night already?!

  1. Lovely photos James. I agree, this year has gone scarily quick! I swear only a minute ago it was 30 degrees and the middle of Summer. I personally love this time of year – I love fireworks and I went to a display this weekend. It’s a good time of year to reflect 🙂

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