Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and has now strapped into their seats ready for the ride 2019!

Did you feel Christmassy this – sorry, last year? Did you get a warm glow and that nice feeling where you think that anything is possible? I heard friends and family say they “didn’t feel Christmassy” or that “it doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore”. I will admit that I used to feel like this. It’s impossible to get that excitement and anticipation you used to feel as a child but that doesn’t mean that the special Christmassy feeling has to disappear.

What is that feeling and where does it come from? The shops try and sell their version of Christmas, advising us what we should be wearing, what gadgets we must have, what foods everybody is eating this year. Those same shops who tried to sell the magic last month are now selling us goods and products to beat the New Year blues and selling products and foods that we need to get back in shape after over indulging in their products last month!

I sometimes feel a bit Christmassy from watching certain programmes, not EastEnders but Call the Midwife does get me every year! There is a film that I watch every Christmas that always leaves a massive impact  – It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s a film set at Christmas but for me it’s about life, it’s about the impact we can all make and about the footprint we leave behind and what would happen if we weren’t around. It’s a truly beautiful film.

After my trials and tribulations of the last 18 months I appreciate this film and it’s message even more. The main character isn’t perfect, he has his faults but he puts others first, he got satisfaction from seeing people happy and doing what he could to make a difference and help people and his community. Without giving too much away, the ending is about what can happen and what people will do for us if we live that kind of life.

This is what I now think about when I think about Christmas but even better these values and the feeling that comes from them doesn’t have to be confined to Christmas. They can be applied every day. Little things can make a massive difference. I had a bit of a de-clutter this weekend and took some clothes and coats that I don’t need anymore to my local clothes bank today. The lady there explained that they were expecting a homeless guy in later who will really appreciate the coats. That’s blown me away to be honest and given me such a nice feeling – see, we can have Christmas everyday!

So when we took the decorations down last week I didn’t get that flat feeling that I used to get. I’m ready to face the year, to do what I can and to be ready to deal with the ups and downs that will inevitably come.

Bring it on!!

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life is such a great film! I rarely feel “Christmassy”. I think it’s such a subjective feeling too. I’ve never been huge on Christmas though either – we’ve never had big Christmasses in my family even when I was a kid so I guess it’s just the norm for me? My Mum and I always put the tree up together early December, which is a nice little tradition but it always comes down no later than 3 days after Christmas because once Christmas is over, it’s over for us. We just wanna get back to “normal” and focus on the New Year.

    Which didn’t start too brilliantly this year as my Dad is in hospital from a minor heart attack the Saturday before New Years, so it’s been a stressful start to 2019 over here! But we’re all thinking positive, he’s in good spirits and when he’s out, hopefully looking at a healthier year for all of us 🙂 Great post, as always, James! Your posts give me a lot to think about (and say, clearly!)

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    1. Oh no – sorry to hear about your dad, hope he has a full recovery. Positive thinking is as good as any medication. People can invest so much into Christmas and trying to create the perfect holiday that it’s destined to end in disappointment. Your approach is pretty sensible! X

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  2. Lovely post! I felt Christmassy around the festive season, but only towards the end. I think it’s because I moved out of my parents house last Summer and so I didn’t get to help with the Christmas decorations and get that homely feel until I got to go home 2 days before Christmas. But I totally agree, we don’t have to stop this ‘Christmassy’ feeling, we should feel cosy, special, positive, content for as many days as possible!

    Chloe xx

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  3. this is such an inspirational post james! i noticed that I didn’t really feel “Chrissmasy” this year, which was a bit weird for me because i adore christmas. However, you are so right that this feeling we get at christmas doesn’t have to be confined to just christmas. you always see people (myself being one of them) saying how we should be nicer to people and workers during the holiday season but really, the holiday should be nothing more than an increase in stock. we should have the same attitude and same kindness towards each other all year round. i too am ready for this year, i’m expecting a lot of growth and personal development which i’m excited about. wishing you the happiest of years xx

    mich / simplymich.com

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  4. I rarely feel christmassy, as it feels contrived and materialistic, however I do love the season, and prefer Yule and the solstice, to observe the wheel of the year turning, take blessings for getting through the darkest nights, and welcome back the returning sun, which equals new horizons, new beginnings


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